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Our Certified Christian Debt Counselors have been helping Americans overcome the burden of debt for over 20 years!

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Why Is Family Credit the Right Organization to Work With?




We're proud to have completed licensing requirements across the nation, from California to New York. We're also proud to be ISO 9001 certified. We follow the highest standards of service in the credit counseling services industry. 

Every Credit Counselor at Family Credit goes through rigorous training and certification. Additionally, we provide on-going education to ensure that our team has the knowledge and resources needed to help all the consumers we work with.

Dealing with the burden of debt can be incredibly stressful. We're here to help you determine the best course of action for your situation and your life, whether its debt management or just a little advice from a knowledgeable, objective friend.

“We knew God wanted us to pay off our debt and we would be honoring Him to pay all our debts. FCM was THE most understanding throughout all of this ordeal. I would recommend FCM to anyone---The best organization hands down.”

“I have been very satisfied with FCM. They deliver what they promise and are easy to work with. You can rest assured that this is a legitimate business that can help you get out of debt. GOD Bless!”

“I tell everyone I know that is in debt about your service. I am so grateful to God”







The time is now. Request a free quote and begin your journey to become debt free!

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